GO DISCOVER 6 - dont get option to save current location to my places

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I recently bought a GO DISCOVER 6. I want to be able to mark my current location and save it in my places.
The online manual says click on the current location indicator (the little arrow) and the quick menu will have an option to mark current location.
It only allows me to report a speed camera.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @hughb

    If you Tap the Position Icon quickly you get the menu you suggest. If you Press the Position Icon for longer you get a different menu which enables you to add to MyPlaces

  • hughb
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    Tried with the Tom Tom switched on at home but was not able to get it to pop up with a different menu.
    Tried requesting to drive somewhere and then long pressed, still get only option to report a speed camera or avoid blocked round.
  • Willy875
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    The solution as stated by Doug works maybe tried resetting.