tomtom gps watch glitches and battery life has shortened tremendously. How do I resolve this?

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my gps watch glitches and battery life has shortened tremendously. I've already tried resetting twice but no positive results. How do I resolve this?


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    If you tried a factory reset and that did not help you can try to let the battery completely drain out and then charge it and see if that helps but it is likely that the battery is depleted. Since TT does not offer a repair service and that product was discontinued years ago (TT Sports went out of business over 4 years ago) it may be time for a new watch. You can replace the battery yourself, TT does not do it, you will need to Google instructions, get special tools, figure out what battery you need, purchase it, install it, etc. Some users have had success with replacing their batteries while others have not, it depends how technically savvy you are. Frankly, you may be better off just getting a new watch; there are plenty of brands out there with good watches in the budget range TT was in.
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    You can replace the battery with one from China or choose a battery from the Netherlands. There are others selling batteries as well.
    The Chinese ones come complete with screwdriver. The Dutch offers buying a screwdriver as well.
    Instructions howto replace your battery can be found on youtube.
    Don't panic if after replacement your TomTom seems dead after the battery swap.
    Connect it to the TomTom Sports app and it will revive.
    Decharge and recharge a few times and reset and your TomTom Runner/Spark will be as new.