Tomtom Expert 6 Inch

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Hello, I purchased the expert 6 inch approximately one month ago.

I use this via blue tooth with my Samsung S20 FE. The device shows that it is connected to my phone via blue tooth and shows the live traffic and speed camera's.

The problem is , the mydrive app does not show that my phone is connected and always shows phone out of range although it is saving my places.
I cannot plan routes with the app or use the hands free and messaging as that is greyed out on the app.

I have tried all the reset options and also been emailing Tom Tom support to try and get this working. I have done everything that they have suggested and nothing makes a difference.

I have tried this on my Samsung tablet and it does exactly the same.

Has anybody had this problem or know how to fix it.

Any help appreciated


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Basilpot
    The GO Expert does not support features like handsfree calling or smartphone messages.

    The device has to be paired with a smartphone for data sharing, it enables the device to connect to TomTom Services.

    MyDrive feature can be used to back up your stored places and routes through cloud storage when you are logged in to the device and the app using the same TomTom account.

  • Basilpot
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    Hello Vikram

    The device is paired with my Samsung S20 FE and also logged onto Mydrive account on the phone as well as the GO Expert.

    The problem is that on the Mydrive app always shows at the top not connected to the phone and phone out of range.

    The app does save my places but cannot plan routes on the app or use handsfree and messaging as this is greyed out

    A friend of mine has the exact sat nav and is able to use his with the app working , showing connected and able to use handsfree and messaging.
    The only difference being is that he has an OPPO phone rather than Samsung. My son has the 520 which works fine with the Mydrive app , is able to plan routes and able to use messaging and handsfree.

    So why is the Expert which is the latest model not able to connect to the Mydrive app to use all the features?