WHY did my GO 6100 lose all Maps & Data following the last downloaded update 3 days ago.

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I've just lost all data on my TomTom Go 6100 GPS unit. I tried recharging the batter using AC from power outlet in my home with Unit on it's cradle and USB plugged into a power socket. the unit gave the 'Start up' notification - 'sound of bongo drums' But Screen remained blank.
I'm now having to resort to my phone data and Google Maps for navigation directions - not a good recommendation for TomTom!
I next connected the Unit to my computer and opened the TomTom MyDrive APP = hoping to download the Maps and data (which should be available to DOWNLOAD same as an "UPDATE" - BUT - there is no facility on the MyDrive App for re-loading your own Device's data. (that I can see)

Can someone from the service help-desk PLEASE contact me with possible diagnosis of the problem and answer questions, eg, Is this a common problem or is it due to a corrupted file with your latest "update" which I downloaded - It was the last thing I did before I discovered the Data and Maps had gone. the Update was "Lifetime Traffic Camera Alerts" after downloading I placed the Unit back in my car on it's re-charging cradle, shut and locked car overnight.
But next day, when I started car, the usual bongo drum alert, telling me TomTom had woken up, did not sound. I tapped it, I pressed the on-off button, but the screen remained blank.

So, can anyone tell me the cause and how to fix it? Has anyone else had the same problem?
Would doing a "Factory Reset" help - as with a mobile phone device? If so, How?
If it's an issue created by a corrupted file in the latest update, then the Manufacturer should take responsibility and correct it. AND offer customers a way to reload all their Unit's Maps and Data.

I live in New Zealand - can someone direct me to name of a service agent in Auckland who can analyse and repair the TomTom GPS units?
Any advice and comments welcome,
Thank you!