Rider 500 + OnePlus connected to Cardo Freecom1+

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Hello everyone.
Hope all is well.

As the title suggests I've recently acquired a Rider 500 and I am using it together with my OnePlus phone and a Cardo Freecom1+ headset.

TomTom is connected on channel 1 with A2DP selected and the phone is connected to channel 2 (+ the phone is connected to the TomTom using MyDrive app, also tried the other way around, phone channel 1 and TomTom channel 2) My Freecom1+ allows A2DP. See below (page 16)


My problem is that while Spotify is on, or any other media player for that matter TomTom navigation voice/sound in general does not work. The system is SILENT.

Is this intended to be like this? Isnt A2DP (if active) meant to pause the music on the other channel and allow Jane or any other voice to speak up?

Id appreciate any feedback on this as its driving me insane in fairness.


PS. All 3 systems are up to date (firmware and software wise).
PS2. Curious thing this. When the TomTom not connected to the Freecom1+ going into the menu and quick settings shows me the volume bar however, the second I turn on the Freecom1+ and the TomTom Connects to it the bar disappears. Again is this a feature or?


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    Be sure to connect the Rider as an GPS device this will set the higher priority. See Cardio manual.

    With some headsets you have to connect with HSP to get an higher priority than A2DP.