GPRS connection problem and traffic lost, customer service doesn't help

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First of all, I would like to say that I already have 4 TomTom GO devices. At present, I have the GO Camper version.

After several minutes of using the navigation, I have problems with the GPRS connection, as a result of which I lose access to the communication service. Turning it off and on while driving helps for another few minutes. I should point out that this is not related to poor GSM coverage, because when driving along a fixed route the problem occurs in various places, even in the city center, and the next day everything is ok. Unfortunately, the customer service is unable (or unwilling) to help me in any way. I did many times soft and hard reset with factory reset on the advice of customer service. Then services have been restored and reset remotely, all this does not help. I have now been offered to wait until a solution is found with no waiting time given. I bought a new device and customer service won't even accept it for service. I have no strength left to send another 11 emails - counting only those related to the GPRS / SIM card failure. Each time I get either a request for another reboot, an assurance that the team is working on it, or an apology without a proposed solution. Could someone please take my device, which is under warranty for repair?

On top of all this I would like to add that on my previous totmtom 6200 device I had a similar problem with GPRS connection. For almost 2 years I listened to the explanations that in the next version of the software everything will be ok and another restart will be enough. Finally, after the warranty (or something like that) had expired, it turned out that it was the SIM card's fault and that I could replace it for "only" 105 EUR. After a very long discussion - there were more than 20 emails - and a phone call to the local TomTom branch, the card was finally replaced for free. This should have been done 2 years earlier! After this exchange the services started working.

Do I also have to wait this time until the warranty runs out and then the sim card will be replaced but for a fee? Unfortunately it is no longer possible to talk to the local branch, because TomTom has switched off all hotlines and I can only contact them via chat, but there nobody wants to help me.

Customer service is at an embarrassingly low level. My customer rights to complain are not respected. Shame on TomTom.