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I have a 6250 only 9 month old. Cost me @ £400.
I've been sent a UPS label from Tom tom to return to Romania, I live in Leeds, UK. I mean what the hell is going on. Ive asked for a refund / replacement and they've said no. Categorically no, now i have no sat nav & i'm a professional class 1 44tonne driver. Its been sending
me down wrong width limits & wrong weight limits before. Ive complained but nothing, at first they hadn't downloaded truck map onto MyDrive, I just had a car map, for a week I was driving around on a car map when I knew it was wrong, it took ages to sort out plus loads stress etc while driving.

Has anyone had to send their device to Romania before, how long does it take, is this normal??



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    Repairing a TomTom product usually takes 10 to 20 working days after receipt of the product by the support service.
    Add extra days for return by UPS.
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    Users have been reporting various incorrect restriction and diversions on the Trucker and Camper devices for some time now; however following the latest map update on my Go Expert where the NDS maps are updated weekly/monthly, TomTom has corrected / changed some of those restrictions / diversions.

    Also, my Go Camper routes me on crazy, circular or illogical routes which “partially” seems to be linked to the weight/width/height restrictions of “adjoining roads” on a route. On the map when zoomed right in you can see the ends of the limits on these adjoining roads, “overlap” onto the main road, thus often causing the device to avoid the main road due to these ‘phantom restrictions’ and often consequently send me round in circles!!!

    But my Go Camper is still for example being incorrectly diverted off the A406 at the Redbridge /Clayhall roundabout) and many other areas. I assume other Trucker devices such as the Go 6250 etc. that rely on the “Classic Maps” are similarly affected and we will have to wait for the quarterly map date scheduled for late February to see if a similar correction to the NDS maps will be made…….. B)

    You may want to wait until then before sending off your 6250 to Romania for repair as the map update “may” cure some of your restriction issues! But being somewhat cynical I think the restriction issue on the Trucker and Camper devices will take some time to sort out and even if TomTom gives you a replacement device you may still have the same issues…………… :/ .

    I have sent several items back to Romania for repair and my experiences have been better than the above, typically 2 days each way for UPS and 3 days for the Repair centre, so just over a week in total, but that was my experiences, no guarantees.