Spanish roads max. speed.

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It's been about two years now that Spanish roads, and by "roads" here I mean whatever is not a freeway/highway, have a 90 Km/h max speed instead of the 100 Km/h many of them used to have. The evergoing war against cars from the government and the man in charge of this subject has led to this.

I'm writing this because it's the n-th time I see this warning about Dutch top speed changes whenever I'm updating my GO60, but just a couple of months ago I used my navigator on a roadtrip and many roads had this limit still. It's time to change it, isn't it? what's more, it's a permanent change, not like that warning for Dutch highways.

By the way, it was a fun trip. I've had this navigator for seven years already and, although I don't use it that often as I mostly driven on roads that I now too well, I've learnt when to trust and not to trust the device. But, all in all, in the nice old village of Briones (La Rioja, kind of Northern Spain) it was way, way too much fun. Most of the streets on the map didn't match the real ones, some real ones before my eyes didn't show up on the map and some on the map were no only not there anymore, they had never existed, like this one that, should I had followed the instructions, I would have smashed my car against a wall and, if the wall couldn't stand it, I would have ended in the Ebro river some 30 meters below.

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