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I am trying to update my device with the latest maps, and followed the steps advised on the site. I prepared my 8gb USB in the car, then downloaded the updates from my computer onto the prepared usb, using 5.3gb. I then turned on the car and the sat nav. However, the system does not seem to 'detect' the new updates. I then selected "update navigation" from the settings menu, and it advised that I needed a usb with at least 8gb (because I already had used 5.3gb with the updates). So I went back to preparing the usb again, and repeated again all the steps with uploading updates, etc., which is extremely time consuming.

I then tried all the steps again with another usb with 32gb. Each time I insert the usb into the uconnect system, it seems to fail to detect automatically the new updates.

The car was taken to a FIAT garage about 4 months ago when they re-installed the car radio system and the sat nav was updated at that time by them, with the latest version. The sat nav does work, only I am unable to upload any new updates myself.

What am I doing wrong? The support on site do not seem to help at all.


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    Hi @PareshGP

    Welcome to the Community! What's the version of the map installed on the SD card? Do you get any more updates to download when you connect it to the PC?

    Best, lampard