Order not delivered....lost between Australia Post and NZ Post

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I ordered a TOMTOM GO Supreme in early December. I am in New Zealand and there was no indication until my purchase was confirmed that the order would be sent from Australia. Initially Australia Post's tracking system was working, until it told me that the item had been received by NZ Post on 13 December 2021. Since then it has disappeared and I have been unable to make contact with TOMTOM support. The online system offers only limited options that do not include failure to deliver. As the NZ Post tracking system tells me only that the item was at Australia Post's international depot on 11 December, with no update since, I have called them three times. They claim they have not received the item, and it will not be registered and appear on their tracking system until it has been received. SO WHERE IS IT? My money has been taken and I have not received my purchase. Perhaps it was stolen at the airport in Sydney or in Auckland? Perhaps it is sitting in a storeroom somewhere?