Tom tom go 6250 thinks a tiny bit of the a1 is missing ? Keeps sending me onto the M1

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I have had problems with my go 625p since the update one before the last , it’s showing there’s a bit of the road missing? So it sends me the M1 when the a1 is the quickest route, I use the the same route 2/3 times a week, the road is perfectly fine , it’s annoying as it just keeps rerouting everywhere else for absolutely no reason


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    Tom tom go 6250 truck
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    Users have been reporting various incorrect restriction and diversions on the Trucker and Camper devices for some time now, however following the latest map update on my Go Expert (NDS maps are updated weekly/monthly) has corrected / changed some of those restrictions / diversions ( not your A1 issue).

    But my Go Camper is still being incorrectly diverted off the A406 at the Redbridge /Clayhall roundabout) and I assume other Trucker devices such as the Go 6250 etc that rely on the “Classic Maps” are similarly affected and we will have to wait for the quarterly map date scheduled for late February to see if a similar correction will be made - it could be that your unnecessary diversion onto the M1 may also be resolved? ;)

    But I would report the missing section of road on the A1 on the Mapshare reporter to ensure it gets into the system as Tomtom map corrections can take many months! B)