Trucker 6000 no GPRS signal

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Hi I've just subscribed to live services but the sat nav is now saying no GPRS singal I've also download upgraded the maps in the last few do I get it to connect many thanks Ian.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @iand

    Try a Soft Reset as follows.

    If that does not resolve it then do a Reset Device in Settings/System. Check to make sure all your My Places and My Routes etc are saved in your account by going to the My Drive website and logging into you account.

    You can contact Tomrom via Chat to ask them to check if your inbuilt sim is activated.

    Finally there have been a few instances where the Sim is active but its contacts in the TT unit have become corroded and so it does not connect and is also not seen as inactivated by Tomtom.. If your unit is out of warrantee and you are prepared at your own risk to try then the following is something you could check. If you carefully remove the serial number label on the bottom of the device then this reveals the Mobile sim. With a pair of very fine tweezers, avoiding any static, try carefully removing the sim and replacing a few times, carefully cleaning the contacts on it when you have removed it, then replacing it and the label to cover it. Some have found this has restored the service.