The voice can’t talk properly

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Hi, I’ve used TOMTOM Go for years and never had a problem till about 6 months ago. No matter which voice I choose, it cannot pronounce words properly which is extremely confusing when you’re looking for the street name. It seems to be mainly r’s and when there’s two of the same letter together M. For instance, Marygate becomes Mar-rocket. Oxford becomes Oxforrrrd. Can somebody please sort this or I’ll have to move apps which I don’t want to do. Thanks in advance. Murphy


  • Jürgen
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    Hi Murphy, welcome to our forum!

    I'm afraid this is a known issue caused by the map. From what I understand it needs to be fixed in the base map. That's not the monthly or weekly update.

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    I have had this problem for many months and it's still not fixed. It is spoiling what is otherwise a very good app. Can someone give any idea when this will be fixed? It can't just be a few people having this problem but it seems TomTom aren't in any rush to do much about it!
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    TomTom are always very slow at fixing problems, remember how many months it took them to fix the app not starting up properly last year. Keeping the customer happy is not one of their strong points