Tom Tom Go Camper Device vehicle profile and route planning

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I purchased this device to use in myt motorhome as I understood entering motorhome details like height, width etc would automatically steer you away from unsuitable routes. I have to be honest that in the years I have been using this I have never seen this function work - what am I doing wrong or am I expecting the impossible?


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    Check that the Europe Camper map is installed and selected on your GPS.
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    Hi @nuteck

    Further to @Willy875's post the current latest GO Camper also gives you access to Car Based Maps so you need to ensure the Selected Map in Maps has Camper in its name and you have selected a Campervan or Car and Caravan as the vehicle the device is supposed to route for.

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    I have not been overly impressed with my Go Camper; since its purchase in Mid 2019, for example it will when attempting to drive to my local Shell station (@ Chiswell AL2 3EH) instead of the almost straight 1 ½ mile journey down the A405 (No restrictions) from exiting my village (Bricket Wood), it can erroneously direct me to travel down the M1 from Junction 6 to Junction 5, to exit and then return on the M1 to J6 and back onto the A405!!!!

    I have other illogical examples in a similar illogical “circular” vein, and I still get sent down narrow lanes where if you met another vehicle would require either vehicle to reverse a hundred yards or more…….. :s

    Also, my Go Camper routes me on crazy, circular or illogical routes which “partially” seems to be linked to the weight/width/height restrictions of “adjoining roads” on a route. On the map when zoomed right in you can see the ends of the limits on these adjoining roads, “overlap” onto the main road, thus often causing the device to avoid the main road due to these ‘phantom restrictions’ and often consequently sends me round in circles!!! :'(

    We have several low bridges locally which according to my vehicle settings the Go Camper should avoid, on one it does warn me the route, “ Does not comply with your Vehicle profile” BUT it still plans the route directly to the low bridge!!!!

    Not knowing your vehicle settings; it may well be that your Vehicle Settings are such that there are very little restrictions to avoid??

    If you let me know them and an example of a journey that you think is an unsuitable route, I can check what my Go Camper reports.