Family share issue

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I have activated Family share option and bought the Family share plan.
On both iPhones, on the Settings/Family Sharing - Shared with your family, there is an information that the 12-Month Family Subscription is active for all of the members.
But, the subscription on the Tomtom Go app is only active on the device where the purchase was made. On the other device, the subscription is still in the trial period.
I have reinstalled the app on both devices, but nothing has changed. On both devices, there is a tomtom account which is consistent with their icloud account.
How can I activate the subscription on the second device, in the Tomtom Go app?


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    Maybe this FAQ can help you?
  • Dzambaski
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    The Family sharing from an Apple perspective is ok, as I mentioned.
    Both devices have the information about the app in Settings, and the subscription is active from iPhone point of view on both sides.
    The TomTom Go app on the family member device is not accepting the subscription information.