Device not recognised on Windows 11

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I was hoping someone could help. I have recently purchased a TomTom Go Discovery and was trying to connect it through my Windows 11 PC using TomTomMyDrive to update but the device is not being recognised when i plug it into the PC. I have tried numerous USB ports and cables, the device will charge but does not appear in Mycomputer or in device manager. Also TomTomMyDrive isnt seeing it and the device itself is saying that it is not connected. I have tried reinstalling MyDrive and would reinstall the driver but it is not listed in device manager. Has anyone had this issue?



  • fergussion
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    it updates using wifi
  • DougLap
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    Hi @ScubaSquirrel

    The GO Discover will NOT update when linked to a PC. Log into your Wifi on the Go Discover and then use the menus on the device to manage updating and adding or deleting maps etc.

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    I have a TomTom Go and this does not have WiFi update option. Device is not recognised by Windows 11 and it seems there is no driver available. So as of now I have a device that is unusable and can't be updated unless I either downgrade to Windows 10 or use another computer that has an older operating system. Not a good place to be and no view from TomTom support as to when a new driver for Windows 11 might be available.