Live traffic won’t work through android but will on apple iPhone?

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Tomtom via 52. When I link my work phone (android) to use the live traffic it will link on the data side but not feed data. The separate link to hands free works fine. This used to work fine and linked ok inc blue circle on the Bluetooth icon. An android update stopped this and changed all the menus and think I’ve done all the preferences but to no avail. A software update to the android a while back seemed to be the issue but I can’t find a way to get it working.

When I connect my personal iPhone the live traffic works fine and no problems.

All units have latest software, and activate the hotspot option and tethering.

Does anyone know what setting I am missing please as I have trawled through trying to find for some time and can’t find anything I’m missing, but I’m not an android guy so not obvious past what I have checked.


  • fergussion
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    Factory reset the via and delete all bluetooth pairing on the phone.
    fresh start the pairing again.
  • Geordieric
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    Thanks, but tried that already. Sorry didn’t list it.