Intermittent Live services

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This is my second post regarding this issue.

I have had intermittent connection to live services since early December. This is a new issue as I have always had coverage at all times. It seems OK south of the M62 corridor in West Yorkshire. My unit is a built in device in a Peugeot 3008. I have an active subscription until Oct 2023. I have contacted Peugeot and done all the reset suggestions they have given me. I believe as this issue seems to depend on location it is more likely to be a tomtom problem.

I had a similar issue with another car when tomtom changed from 2g to 3g (or 3g to 4g!) some years ago. Is this a 5g thing?

Can @VikramK help? Maybe to check my Sim?

Thanks in anticipation!


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    try customer service with serial number