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A friend who owns and uses the Tomtom go application like me has a problem with the SEARCH function.

When he searches for an address or a place, this search takes several seconds before any result is displayed.

I specify that his smartphone is a Samsung under Android 11 and that the application is updated from the Google play.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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    is map installed on the phone memory
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    is map installed on the phone memory

    Thank you for your answer.

    It uses the official version of the play store and also, if I'm not mistaken, it is anyway impossible to install the maps on the Micro SD card with Android 11.

    He has 2 smartphones:
    his main one a Samsung with this anomaly with the SEARCH function.

    And a second Chinese smartphone that does not have this bug with the same Tomtom Go application.

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    Hi @Ubuntu

    Can you check if there's a difference when you disable/enable the online search from TomTom Services> Online Search?

    Regards, lampard
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    I will ask to do that and get back to you.

    Thank you for your response.
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    Here is his response:

    Concerning Tomtom there is no difference in the search results depending on whether I activate the online search setting or not (This is indeed what allowed me to conclude that the online search does not work)
    The only difference in behavior is that if I uncheck the online search box, the answers are instantaneous whereas checking the box waits about 6 seconds before the answers are displayed. I attribute this annoying delay to the fact that there is a watchdog. In my opinion, the application waits for Internet access, but this wait is capped at these famous 6 seconds, otherwise the application would block indefinitely purely and simply in case of poor Internet access.

    Note that the Internet search does not work, but the traffic information works normally, as well as the online sync with Tomtom MyDrive. And I have no problem with online map updates

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    Hi @Ubuntu , just to be sure, have you compared search results after waiting for 6 seconds (with online search enabled) to results when you disable online search?
    I want to be absolutely sure that you get results from onboard search.
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    Here is his answer:

    When the online search is not working (i.e. if I don't fiddle with the networks, switching from wifi to 4G or vice versa) I get exactly the same thing with or without the online search activated

    When the online search is activated, I don't get any answer before 6 seconds, and the answers I get after these 6 seconds are exactly the same as offline

    The question leads me to believe that the friendly forum person may have understood that I had unsatisfactory answers in the first 6 seconds, which were then replaced by relevant answers from the online search.

    This is not the case. As I said, I don't get any answer before 6 seconds, and I guess that tired, not being able to access the Internet, the TT application finally gives up the online search and gives me the answers that are those of the offline mode

    So I never get the results of the online search. Never

    It's only when I do my network switching (wifi to 4G) that it unblocks and everything works normally as long as I don't close the application

    But this manipulation which consists in switching from WIFI to 4G or conversely according to where I start first, I can only do it at home. In the car I don't have a Wifi network to switch to

    If I just turn off 4G and turn it back on, it doesn't unlock the search.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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