New maps v10.82 available for download

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Hello All,

On Tuesday 11th January 2022 we have released maps version 10.82(Car/Motorcycle/Automotive/Truck/Camper).

This map is not available for Nav2 devices.

Release Notes:
  • Fix for Paris speed limits (30km/h)*. All map regions containing France as country will be included in this release (for instance: France / EU/ WE).

*In August 2021, the speed limit in Paris were lowered to 30km/h. After this release these changes will be visible.

For the NDS maps (maps for GO Discover/GO Expert) the speed limits change have been already included since November 2020.

The quarterly Map release is for what we internally refer to as "TomTom Classic maps"; maps used in navigation devices (except GO Discover/GO Expert).

Next to the TomTom classic maps, we also have NDS maps (used in the GO Discover, GO Expert and GO Navigation app).

Drive safe!

Regards, Vikram :)


  • JacaMa
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    Well, @VikramK
    Telling frankly, you have updated probably JUST the speed limit in Paris, because My Drive Connect indicates, that only the Europe Map, the Western Europe Map, and the France Map were updated to v. 10.82. So, this is not the quarterly map update yet.
    Kind Regards
    Drive safely
    J. M.
  • Willy875
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    The quarterly update is scheduled for late February.
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