Can I transfer my Apple Tomtom subscription so that I can use it on my car's Android head unit?

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Many years ago I purchased the TomTom app on my iPhone. I then transitioned to TomTom Go and a subscription. As few years ago I installed an Android head unit in my car and logged into the TomTom Go app on it with my TomTom account and it happily shared the same subscription. I rarely use the app on my iPhone now but with the last renewal prompt it has now switched to an Apple subscription service which I now cannot use from the Android head unit in my car.

My wife's car has Apple CarPlay so it would be good to have both but I am not prepared to pay for two subscriptions to the same service.

Am I able to switch the subscription to my TomTom account or have I, ironically, been led down a path where I do not want to go?


  • Willy875
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    The app has not been designed or tested for use with Android head units (car radios).

    On Apple buy the family subscription you can use it on multiple devices.
    I don't know if this can work?
  • TrumpyAl
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    It works flawlessly and has been for several years now, installed via Google Play Store like it would be on any other Android device. The head unit, at it's core, is a 7" Android tablet.

    I've been meaning to try Waze for a while now, I'll just go ahead and do that as it's free on both platforms (whereas it seems that TomTom would now need me to now pay twice as much as I did previously, merely to retain what I used to have).