Why aren’t new routes syncing to my device?

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I use MyDrive app on iPhone and when I sync a new route it won’t appear on my rider 550 like they used too, any ideas how to fix this as it’s the main reason I bought the satnav.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Tigman
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    Have you logged into MyDrive on your RIDER using the same TomTom account?

    Also, the sync with MyDrive cloud requires a data connection, so it's important that the RIDER is paired with a smartphone.

  • Tigman
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    Hi Vicram

    Thank you for your help, I have been having difficulty connecting for the messages and caller Id to come through but I have just managed too! It used to do it ok but of recent wouldn’t play ball. Anyway, now they are connected I’m still not able to sync new routes created, only the old ones previously created! Any ideas?

    Thank you