I may have fixed my rebooting 5200

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So, a small bit of background, I have been in a similar position where my 5200 woul reboot constantly, disabling MyDrive was hit and miss, but i use some of the features in this so didn’t want to turn it off.
I have done countless restores, but to no success. Restore my device and it would then start to reboot. Interestingly, if I left it rebooting, it would stop eventually, but in all honesty it was unusable in this state.
Previously posted here to see if anyone had found a real solution other than disable a feature and the answer was no…

This is what I have done.
1: Disable MyDrive on the device.
2. Use the reset option in the settings menu to return it to factory.
3. Remove the SD Card and format it on my Mac.
4. Hold power button down until the diagnostics window appears then press three times to wipe it.
5. Log out of MyDrive on my Mac (Have a PC, just not tried), and let the device restore using a USB cable.
6. Sign back into MyDrive on my Mac. Update the device through USB using the WiFi connection on my MAC. Also add a map, otherwise it won’t work, with the SD card still out of it, I use Iceland (20MB download).
7. Reinsert SD card, format it. Then start to download the map I require, in my case, Europe.
8. Sign into MyDrive on the device. Sign into WiFi on the device.

Following all this, it has not rebooted once…

I can use MyDrive, add a device on the app on my phone and it appears almost instantly on the navigation device.

Prior to this, I was thinking I would have to replace it, but my 5200 has world maps and traffic for ‘life’, so I would hate to see it go.

So, mine seems to have resolved the issue. I am keen for others to try this to see if it actually is a fix, or ifI am just lucky.
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