Problems with international names of cities, towns and streets in Finland

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Finland as an offcial bilingual country has not settled areas for the official Finnish and Swedish languages but can have monolingual and bilingual areas, but still in a monolingual area the names can be in the other language too. There is a rule in Finland that in a mainly Finnish speaking area the international name is the Finnish version for cities, towns, streets and in a mainly Swedish speaking area the international name to be used is the Swedish version. Exeptions are in Finnish related Estonian You always use the Finnish name and in Swedish related Norwegian, Danish and Islandic You always use the Swedish version. For some reason TomTom is not following this national rule but all over the country uses only the names in their Finnish version. This is a strange sollution TomTom has taken against this rule. As the order of the languages on the signs will vary according to the local majority it might be very confusing for the non-natives to follow the signs. That's why I think the best sollution would be to have both the names shown on the maps and in the search screens. With the local majority version as the first one


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    I agree with you @KE as Canada has French / English and I do see sometimes the Post office is named in the French version and sometimes the English version. @lampard could you inform the team please.