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MyDrive issues

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Hello, recently I ran into some troubles with MyDrive, both the app and the web version. I use a TomTom Rider 40 for both my bike and in the car. When I created a route in the MyDrive app for IOS and I synchronise this, the first time it says "Synchronisation failed", when I hit the button again it tells me "Success". However, on my Rider 40 the route is not visible, even after a hour. In the MyDrive app I can still see the route.
So I thought I created the route using the web version and then the route is send to my Rider. So far, so good. However no route is visible anymore once I switch to another part in the web version. I have tried to save it as a GPX file and that works, but when I try to load this in the web version, no route is made visible.
And all of this, synchronising from the MyDrive app, saving the routes in the web version and importing as a GPX file, use to work fine, till last week.

Kind regards, Richard


  • VikramK
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    Hi Richard
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    Have you logged into MyDrive on your RIDER using the same TomTom account?

    Also, the sync with MyDrive cloud requires a data connection, so it's important that the RIDER is paired with a smartphone.

    Perhaps a Factory Reset might be required to fix any sync/connectivity issues-
    Main Menu- Settings- System- Reset device

  • RichardvL
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    Hi Vikram, I used the same account on both the Rider and in MyDrive . And yes, a data connection is made for the Rider via my phone.
    I have already reset my Rider to factory default and as I connect the Rider to MyDrive, my places are synchronized.
    But routes are not stored in MyDrive all together at the moment. I used different computers and tablets/phones and different webbrowsers.