Traffic service using AA over wi-fi

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Recently I have noticed that the traffic service is not received when the phone auto connects to the car over WiFi whilst the app is not running on the phone just on the head unit. However, if I open the app on the phone first and wait for traffic to be received before connecting to the car over WiFi then the service continues as it should. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Kevhart100
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    Should have added I'm using version 3.3.53-beta (4226)
  • mvanheesch
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    Yes, same here, already for a long time.

    Opened a topic for this before as well, also iPhone users were having issues with traffic and it took them over a year to fix it.

    Unfortunately Tomtom is not responding and taking this seriously by fixing the issue.
    On request I delivered them my unique ID, etc. for investigation, but then all is silent and even after a few reminders don't get any response.

    You pay for the service, but I will cancel my subscription as it doesn't work in this way and it's not being fixed.
    Many people have this issue and are complaining about it.

    I was hoping by getting a new phone (Samsung Galaxy SE20 5G) was helping, but still the same issue and also still the same after getting the update to Android 12.