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In Prague, the transit road on road d8-d1 brings out a ban in several places. In the meantime, there is no ban.


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    Please report in mapshare
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    HI @domonkosnorbert

    I'm Shawn, I would love to help you on this mission to report road closure on D8-D1, as I am not a local, please provide a screenshot of the map with a markup on which road you are referring to, also how long the road is closed. I can see that the Ministry of Transportation for the Czech Republic according to this map has a map database of current road closures, it seems to be not working. I have informed them through Facebook to inform TomTom to integrate their traffic database. Please as well inform them :)


    It seems this is the working link that provides GIS services for planned works, I will report this in map share for them to integrate this.

    It seems that the traffic incidents, road closures are working, please provide coordinates for road you mentioned that isnt' closed on the map please also please check Bing maps and turn on Traffic then see if it is working there.

    Thank you