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Poor road visibility in 3D darkmode on Carplay

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On Android Auto I was able to pick between two different darkmode themes in 3D view, which does not seem to be the case for Carplay.

One of the themes had the roads in yellow color, that provided much better visibility when compared to the default black roads with white outline on black background theme. This theme seem to be available when zooming in and out, but as soon as zooming is done, Carplay reverts to the abominable default theme. It seems to be also the default color theme for 2D view, so it is definitely available on Carplay, just not possible to be set as default by the user in 3D mode as it is on Android Auto.

Is it possible to add that option?

Default theme with poor visibility

Good theme, that should be available for the user to choose (screenshot taken while zooming in and out)



  • VikramK
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    Thanks @Eldewy
    I will forward this use case to the concerned team...