Missing button to switch between distance from Next Stop and distance to Final Destination

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When I first received my Tom Tom GO 620, I planned a route (or created a route) on my Android device (my Drive app) & sent the stops to my Tom Tom device.
After the Tom Tom device received the stops, there was a button that appeared under the Distance Remaining (upper right hand corner), which would toggle between the distance
remaining between my Next Stop and my final Destination. I believe the symbol/button resembled the "Final Destination" symbol.
I know there is a menu setting to change between the Final Destination & the Next stop, but I'm looking to find it again while I'm driving on the main screen w/out having to
go deep into the menu.
Can anyone help how to find or activate/enable this button to appear when driving a route?


  • Willy875
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    Watch> Parameter> Appearance> Road bar
  • Lochfrass
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    Plan a route with a stop.
    Then make a short tap on the destination time top right.
    So jou can toggle between the next stop and the destination without tapping through the whole menu.