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When doing a search it pops up my Home & Work address. Irritating, but OK. I start typing it disappears. When I find what I want and select it, the Home & Work address pops up OVER the options for the item I chose such as "Add to My Places". There is a sliver of the menu below the Home/Work popup but if not very careful the whole thing clears out and I have to start again. Home/Work are at the top of My Places, why does this popup have to popup and cover up important app navigation options. I deleted my Work Address hoping to make that popup smaller. Even though I deleted it, it still shows it.


  • Willy875
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    Not sure you understand what you want to do in the Android app menu, you can rearrange the buttons.
  • Ubuntu
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    I think the question is related to the fact that the search window in AA is particularly narrow and not very ergonomic.

    I have indeed noticed this problem and Tomtom should change the height of the suggestions in AA.
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    Hi @pbeverly, welcome to the forum.
    Would it be possible to share some screens to better visualise your issue?