Similar replacement (other brand) watch for Spark 3

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I have a new Garmin 945 replacement for my Spark 3. Not happy, I am one of those people that loved the simplicity of the Spark 3. The Garmin can do anything, but I don't want to spend my life figuring out things. Also I don't want/need a smart watch that can do anything/ everything.

What I was looking for:
1.Excellent battery.
2.Breadcrumb navigation (gpx).
3.Simple running/hiking stats.

I actually don't think there is anything out there, anybody? The Coros Apex, seems to be close, but again too much froth, statistics, metrics yawn....?
Any thoughts ?


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    Unfortunately, you are in the minority of people who want less features. Most consumers want more features for their dollar and that is where the watches are headed. I have a Garmin 245 which gives all the features you mentioned in a a format I find uncomplicated. And the Spark 3 is not known for its excellent battery, it was quite the opposite, so you definitely get an advantage there from Garmin. If you want simplicity you want to look at the lower end models, but you will not get the feature set you want.
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    Thanks for that - I think I might keep the 945 for a while and there are so many coming out now every year, I think one will surface...
    It's kind of like the first iphone, amazingly useful and no need to pull out a manual. I know its not terribly complicated but if you have to do ten clicks where previously you had to do one, I find that draining!

    Ill keep an eye on the Coros Apex, great battery and breadcrumbs gpx... but from youtube it does look like a bit of a maze of settings too.
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    For anybody coming back here after exhaustive research (weird how companies don't put route navigation front and centre).

    Amazfit Pace/Trex/Stratos 3 - cheap, amazing watches with breadcrumb -excellent navigation. Drag n drop .gpx via pc.
    Ticwatch ultra pro gps - smartwatch - so can use Ghostracer for navigation, excellent addition of maps, but wear os at cost of battery.

    The above are simple to use, like the Tom Tom, noticeably less clicking than Garmin.