GO Discover 7 inch ( 2021 )

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When are TOMTOM getting these new magnetic mounts in for the large new 7 inch navs
There is a 7” magnetic mount listed in TONTOM accessories , however this does not fit the new (2021 ) large device.
I see from other posts that this lack of mounts for the (2021 ) model has been an issue since Feb 2021

What’s going on TOMTOM ????
Thanks in advance.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Tinkerbelle44

    The last item on the Accessories Mounts list, ie the 7" magnetic mount, is listed as Compatible with the GO Discover and GO Expert models which are 2021 models.

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    @DougLap @Tinkerbelle44

    I too wanted a spare mount for my Go Discover last year and noticed there "appeared" to be one that was listed as 'being compatible', but if you look at the pin mounting points in the photos it is "not" the same mounting points as required for a Go Discover / Go Expert. Plus you cannot order as it is states it will be "Available Soon".

    I made contact with the Tomtom Customer Car Team and got a message back that the website would be updated and the mount will be made available soon............................ B)

    In Tomtom speak, this could mean 5 or more years.................. :s
  • Tinkerbelle44
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    Thanks for the update. By the time the new 7inch magnetic mounts are available , the Sat nav will we’ll out of date !!!😂😂