No voice output on iPhone XR

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Have iOS nav app. Works ok but no audible directions. Use my phone on a cradle. No connection to my car.
Phone is silent. Have downloaded Serena, no change.
Suggestions ?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @TImG65
    Could you check if the volume/speaker is muted for the app?
    Also, the phone volume, is that set to an audible level...

    Thanks, Vikram.
  • TImG65
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    Volume is not muted on TT screen, and phone volume is At 3/4 max.
  • TImG65
    TImG65 Registered Users Posts: 23
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  • DougLap
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    Hi @TImG65

    In voices is the volume set as a percentage of your music volume correctly.

    If in Voices you Tap the selected voice does it give you a demo. If Not try Tapping it again then press the Up Volume button on the phone whilst the demo is being played.

    If you are using Serena try Deleting the voice from the list and after turning App Off and On reloading it.

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    I’ve seen this question raised multiple times, and the discussions are closed without resolution. I don’t get voice directions with the app .. whether connected via CarPlay or on the iPhone itself. I’ve checked Al the settings (max voice volume, etc.), downloaded/deleted/redownloaded voices and any other “fixes” I’ve come across. The voices are loud and clear when choosing which one I want, but that’s the only time I hear them. Is this just a known issue?
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    report to customer support team use email or chat