Rider 550 stuck on 99% loop trying to update

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Hello technical team,

Could you please help me, after trying everything I know I am now officially out of ideas regarding my rider 550.
The device has worked perfectly until a few weeks ago when it was time to update to software version v21.200.0003.

First I received the message: "Oops can't access TomTom Services" error, despite having excellent wifi. So, I connected the device to the laptop with tomtom connect.
The device started downloading and immediately got stuck in an infinite loop which it cannot get out of. The loop goes like this: The update goes steadily to from 64% to 80%. The device then restarts and then it steadily progresses from 80% to 84% and then it jumps immediately to 96% and then it jumps again to 99%.
After that, the device restarts again and then goes back to 64%, where it started in the first place and the whole process starts again in exactly the same sequence as described above. This goes on and on and on until I back out of it manually when given the choice. When I do back out of that loop by cancelling the update manually, the device works but not correctly anymore, since it will not offer any updates anymore and on the road it will not connect to bluetooth for traffic services. Furthermore, removing or adding maps isn't possible either.

I have done both soft and hard resets multiple times to no avail and the memory card has been removed already.

I would really like to get the unit repaired by tomtom because in it's current state it is unuseable, which is a great shame because before all this it gave me no problems and was a pleasure tot use.

Pease help, thanks for reading.

Jeroen H

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