Tom Tom Go Start 25

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I have Tom Tom Go Start 25. I have recently updated the map. However, due to my surprise, now the cameras have gone. I have been looking at the solutions and it seems like this has been a case for many.

Tom Tom suggests we buy subscription - which is hardly surprising but question remains where on earth have the cameras gone and why aren't they appearing on screen anymore?

When I go on to "services" - speed cameras - it is then alert settings, but the enable alerts, report speed camera and show report button are all "not dimmed" - i.e. unable to select them.

Anyone able to assist?



  • Lochfrass
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    Tomtom has changed the camera services.
    Now the devices do not warn without a active subscription.
    Many users have already complained, but it didn't help
  • LordSid
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    Ahh okay. One way to make the money, I suppose.

    Doesn't reflect good, especially removing cameras which were already there on the map!

    Shows what sort of company it is.

    Will not be updating nor buying from the fraudsters.