BT Iphone connection to my new TOM TOM rider 500 not ready

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I bought a new TOM TOM rider 500 and I tried to follow the manual for pairing with my iPhone 12. Unfortunately, the connection is unstable and I don't have the message functionality. I have followed all the information provided by the user manual but it seems impossible to use the device.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @grro7201060

    When Apple released OS 13 and subsequent updates the My Drive App cannot be linked as part of the Bluetooth connection process. Now you Turn on the Personal Hotspot Option in the iPhones Settings then go to the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone. Now Tap Add phone in Settings/Bluetooth on the Rider 500 and pair as normal. Do not have My Drive open on the iPhone whilst doing this.

    You must have the Personal Hotspot option On as well as Bluetooth On for the Phone t continue to connect /reconnect.

    The My Drive App can be used for creating Routes etc however the Messaging option on the TT unit was dependant on the inclusion of the My Drive App in the Bluetooth pairing but as this will no longer work then the messaging option is not available.

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    Hy Doug,
    thanks for getting back to me right away! So, if I understand correctly, I'll not be able to use the messaging and listening to music function considering that my drive app isn't compatible with iPhone iOs. Right?