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London North Circular A406 restrictions!

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I have reported the 7.5T weight limit on the A406 goin over the Clayhall roundabout for weeks. It says "Fixed" but it's not fixed! My 26T truck still gets routed off the slip road and the back on again!

Tomtom need to recruit a dedicated team for HGV routes... Especially around London with all the changing restrictions and times that roads can be legally accessed.

The money we spend on theses devices, we should receive a product that is fit for purpose.


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    I have always known this area as the ‘Redbridge Roundabout’ – i.e. Bottom of the M11 > A406 which crosses the A12.

    Whilst you are getting incorrectly diverted with your Truck routing on your Go Expert, to add even more confusion I am also incorrectly getting diverted with my Go Camper (Heavy Camper - Weight set at 3.75T), so am not sure what restrictions TomTom has in place for this section of the A406 road, but it is affecting both the ‘Classic and NDS’ maps! (See below for screenshot from my Go Camper)


    I cannot understand TomTom’s logic of imposing a restriction on such a small section of the A406.

    I have brought this type of issue to the attention of the TomTom moderators of the forum to raise an internal ticket on behalf of the many users (Camper and Trucker devices) who have reported similar issues with the appropriate team for resolution as I do not believe individual MapShare reporting of the issue is the best way forward………..

    @Vikramk @Lampard

    And as you have reported this issue via Mapshare without success it indicates to me that TomTom is unable to repair the mapping fault.

    Tonight Boris Johnson as part of the Coronavirus update announced measures to support critical workers in the UK to keep the supply chain moving, pity that TomTom does not follow suit!