Problems with traffic on the Go Discover 7

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Hi, I wonder if someone can help me? I have a Go Discover 7 which appears to have traffic problems.

I use my TomTom for work as I have a 15 mile journey each and find it useful as a number of times it has directed me away from accidents on the A19 near where I live. This has saved me a few times being stuck in traffic.

For quite a few weeks my Go Discover 7 has shown a `No Route Possible` as the area around my works is blocked out by closed roads due to roads works. For the last couple of years, a new road layout was being built but it now fully finished and open as I use it almost daily.

My Go Discover 7 and also my TomTom iPhone app shows the same traffic and shows a no route possible. A few other surrounding roads often show `No Route Possible For Your Vehicle Profile`, even though the roads are open and I use them often.

On top of that, I also have a TomTom Go 6200 which I findy much better. The only good thing about the Discover is the nice looking screen and faster processor.

I am using my 6200 instead of the Discover 7 and is spot on with the traffic.

I was wondering if some settings on the server need resetting or something.

Any help would be much appreciated.




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    I too have a Go Discover and occasionally find similar situations to what you have described. As users, we naively think that TomTom makes changes to a Central Map Database which then cascades out to all devices……….. Sadly that is wrong as you have discovered.

    The maps on your 6200 are maintained separately from those for the Go Discover (NDS) and if an error ‘creeps’ in (the NDS maps are updated Monthly / Weekly versus 4 times a year for the 6200), TomTom often does not appear to be able to catch it and instead relies on users like yourself spotting them and contacting them via MapShare to report the errors.

    Looking online via Google the general area seems to be recently developed and TomTom may believe the roads are still under construction? ( but this is inconsistent with your 6200 and my Go Premium and Go Camper) It does seem to be an error just on the NDS maps for the Go Discover and the Go Navigation Phone app.

    Historically TomTom has taken many months to recognise new roads locally. I was “physically driving” on a new road that linked back to the M1 at Junction 11A yet my TomTom said I was driving across open fields, I think it took 6-9 months before the mapping caught up!

    I would hope that if you report this on Mapshare, TomTom will make the necessary changes a lot quicker!