Are my Speed Cams on my VIA 53 up to date or not?

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My VIA 53 says it is up to date and when I log in to TomTom on my PC it says I have paid for 'Speed Cameras World 1 Year' until June 2022 BUT on my PC, alongside 'Speed Cameras World 1 Year' it says "Install" rather than "Up to date" which is says alongside 'Europe - Lifetime Maps'. So are my Speed Cams not properly installed? How can I tell?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Steve_600
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    The service for speed cameras on your account look okay. I would suggest that you remove the existing database of speed cameras and then do a fresh installation.

    Steps below-

    1. Remove speed cameras using the Remove Content tab in MyDrive Connect. (Procedure explained here-
    2. Perform a soft reset -

    4. Reinstall speed cameras and follow up with another soft reset.
    5. Test the device on a planned route.

    - Vikram
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    Thank you very much for the suggestion; unfortunately it doesn't work. I've spent hours at all times of the day repeatedly trying to do the 'remove' and every time it fails and says "Our servers are very busy right now please try again later". However, by going in to the 'remove' section, I can see the version number of the UK Speed Cam update that I appear to be on. Is there somewhere I can see what the latest number is of the UK Speed Cam update, so that I can see if I appear to be on it or if I'm stuck on an old version?