Constant Restarts After Update

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Cannot see how to move or copy posts between different groups, so I am creating a new one with a URL reference and my last comment there copied too here.
I continue to have issues with the device restarting when sync with MyDrive is enabled, every time the issue is more frequent.
Resetting the device via MyDrive Connect so far works all the time, but after some weeks it comes back. This time even without having done an upgrade to the device software.
The requirements to reset, defeat the purpose of the functionality of MyDrive Sync:
1. Need to bring back the original cable that lives in the car to the laptop.
2. Have to charge the GPS for two hours (ridiculous as modern models will shutdown charging once the battery is full).
3. The procedure is tricky and sometimes the three quick pressings on the power button are not recognized and have to start all over.
4. It takes time to recover.
5. Once recovered you are immediately asked to upgrade the device software again. More downtime.
All of that hassle is too much in my case for the sync functionality.
On my last episode I just brought the device home and allowed it to restart at will a dozen times, then it finally settled (without the need for a new reset).
This is ridiculous, I am no longer asking for a workaround to fix this, as I know what to do. I am simply demanding TomTom to FIX THE ROOT CAUSE and stop giving us that involved reset procedure.
I have invested for unlimited traffic and speed cameras solely on this device, so I am expecting them to allow me to carry those to a new device if their strategy is to have me switch to a new device. "Programmed Obsolescence" maybe?

P.S.: I have validated I have the latest device software update v21.200.0003.


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    It seems that, once settled, the problem is solved until you perform a complete turn off / shutdown. That operation seems to upset the MyDrive sync functionality and triggers the issue all over again.

    Disabling the sync solves the problem and sometimes, if you manage to re-enable the sync without the device doing a hard restart, it settles and the issue is gone.

    But as soon as you install ANY update (the most frequent is speed cammeras) or perform a turn off / shutdown the issue reappears.

    Very annoying and dangerous!!!