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START 60 firmware update

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I was trying to update my START 60 device which was perfectly working and I was using in my daily commuting.

At first, after having installed MyDrive Connect, everything seemed to work fine: I was able to delete the old maps and make memory room for the new ones.

Then, the device requested for a mandatory system update named Nav4. I launched the update of only the Nav4 but afterwards technical problems began.

START 60 seemed to have entered an 'idle' state in which it cannot be reached by the MyDrive Connect software, thus I am stuck and can't do nothing.

Can somebody please help me out?

Thank you in advance,

Alessandro Rossetta


  • arossetta
    arossetta Registered Users Posts: 2
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    After more than 2 hours the START 60 woke up again by itself.

    Problem solved, or at least it seems

    Thank you,

    Alessandro Rossetta