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Londons congestion zone and ULEZ zones

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I prefer not to be robbed by paying the congestion zone. I drive a car that is not charged by the ULEZ highwaymen. Whilst the two shared the same zone your app kept me out of the zone beautifully. However since the ULEZ zone expanded, your system seems to think that I’m in a toll zone therefore I can pay all tolls. The routes it chooses then would incur the extra toll. It is becoming almost unusable. Are you going to sort out the dual toll issue, or will we need to be looking elsewhere ???


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    Thanks rider1rider for the link.

    Unfortunately this only leads to a five year old response from a retired employee who states:

    ‘They can’t build a feature around it ‘

    I find that very hard to believe. At the moment the “ Toll Road” boundary for London is the new ULEZ boundary. It used to be the current congestion boundary.

    Surely you can run the two concurrent with a simple question such as
    ‘Is your vehicle exempt from the ULEZ charge’

    I doubt anyone is expecting you to determine wether their vehicle is exempt.

    I’m fact some vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge too. You could add a question for that also.

    These zones are cropping in cities all over Europe. There has to be a demand for this.