via 130 quick fix

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try too uppdate quick fix from my connect , its the 5 th time im try it but the unit say i can saftety disconnect , but the my connect get no answer from the unit


  • VikramK
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    Hi @lickid
    The Quick GPS fix shows installed on 20th December 2021 so the installed has worked.
    These updates are offered frequently, these help the device find satellites quickly.

  • lickid
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    there its some trouble fore the unit too find satelites of road fv 720 in Norway, the unit tell me i must turn around when its posioable fore a wile, then this message stop when i com too the Inderøy must be a no mans land some part of the road then

    the same trouble its from E6 from Steinkjer, i get message drive a another way, when its much longer way to retturn back home to i turn off too fv 755 , the message be away after i have turn off to the right and not lest like the unit tell me there its a open area fore the sattelites then so i not undersatand it whay..

    i think this type of trouble have been lose after uppdate of the last map