UConnect 5" built in Tomtom map update

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I may have the same problem as some other users. I have a UConnect 5" in a Fiat. I bought the car second hand in 2019. The map version was Europe v.916.5212. Date 9/2013. The first owner may not have used the navigator, as it seems they never updated it. Since 2019 I have tried many times to update the map, using different USB memory devices (in case there is a fault in my device). I had contact with technical support and after all the failures they told me to visit my Fiat dealer.

In 2020, due to total failure of the UConnect, the software was updated by the Fiat dealer App: 11.815.1739656.107 (4330, 12/11/2014) was replaced by App: 11.815.2661403.107 (4710, 30/3/2017). All functions worked Ok again but they did not update the map. Now TomTomHome shows that my device doesn't need any updates, but the map is still the old one.

According to the website the latest Europe map is compatible with my device serial number TP, so I purchased the Europe map. The Europe map seemed to download successfully onto the (reformatted 8GB) USB device, BUT at stage "26. Install to hard disk" the message was red: "Item was not valid after installation: Europe". I now have about 1.3 MB of data on the USB.

Later I re-connected the USB device to the computer, the app opened and a new message partly covering the Europe map information: "Do you want to keep your current map up to date? You don't have the latest map. Up to 15% of the information on your device can be out of date. Stay up to date with TomTom Map Update Service .... etc etc". The offer was to purchase the Update Service Bundle 12 months at a cost of GBP 59.95.

Next time I reconnected the USB device I had the option to ADD (download the map again). ADD failed to work at stage 1.
My browser is Safari on a MacBook.

Is it at all possible to update a Europe map dated 2013, using a USB memory stick?
Should I buy a service bundle as well as, or instead of, the new map?