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Feature Request: Using Siri Voice to set directions/commands in TomTom

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Whilst I can use Siri voice in carplay to set directions in Carplay for Maps and Google Maps using "Directions to Work using Google Maps" this doesn't work saying "Directions to Work using TomTom". Can voice command integration to Carplay be added to TomTom, as hands free mode is legally required in most countries.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @resistme

    The option to use Siri and get your TT Go App to create a route to Home, Work, Favourites or your Contacts has been available when using the App on the Phone or in CarPlay mode for about 9 Months. Some more options were added about a month ago.

    If you go to Settings/Siri Shortcuts in the TT Go App on your iPhone and Select Add you can select Home, or Work and many other options. If you Select Work then you will see Drive to Work in the list of Siri Shortcuts shown in the TT App.

    Now all you need to do once TT Go is displaying in CarPlay mode on the cars Media unit is to say ‘Hey Siri’ and when the Siri icon appears on the CarPlay screen say ‘Drive to Work’. The same will apply if you are just using the phone.

    When you Tap Add you will see what Actions you can do the same with ie Home, My Places (favourites), Recent Destinations, Contacts, Clear a Route, Report a Camera. Once Shortcuts are set up you can see in the Siri Shortcut List in the App what you have too say after ‘Hey Siri’. If whilst you display the Shortcut list you Tap any of them you get the option to change what you say for the shortcut.

    You may have to sort out your Contacts as the details in each Contact must be entered correctly to ensure it will work. Ie the right detail in the right box in your Contacts.