Is it just me or is the new design very slow?

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@VikramK , Guys,

I have struggled with this site since the new layout appeared the other day. There seems to be a lot going on between my individual inputs and what I get served. All too often I'm getting way ahead of what the new server can deliver.

Typically backing out of somewhere I seem to over shoot most times ending up at those index pictures. Once there the server gives just two images, pauses for a think, clears the page then repaints with all index images.

As I enter this I'm getting blocks of something appearing on my tablet screen as if there is a rapid and unnecessary re-paint cycle going on in the background. The right hand end of this text entry box is getting splatted with background then my text reappears.

Seems to be too much going on here which may not be visible developing this new look on a local and fast network. I'm in UK on a 40Mb/s broadband which is clearly not fast enough for all the new content activity.

I also got drawn into the site feedback survey. As usual on this site before I had actually got going so my feedback was based on my previous experience.

Edit: Perhaps also worth adding...

Was in the Forum Feedback view and started a new post dialogue via the thing at the top. Unlike the previous design I am now am required to ALSO declare which area I want to post to as the current view is not assumed to be the area you intend posting to. This is very different to every other forum I've used.

Initially my new post disappeared into the "Drafts" never never land from where I finally rescued it (this thread). If the destination topic isn't explicit in your input it all ends up in "Drafts".


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    No, @TigerRider it is not just you.
    Slowness is not everything. I just wrote post about the new behavior of MyDrive Connect, which started to show, among other things, parts of the map of all of Europe as "My Updates and New Items", darkening the whole picture, when my laptop started to almost boil, the fan was already loud and the image started flashing, the text of the post disappeared at times and then again appeared. I had to stop writing and announce an unfinished post, fearing that in a moment everything would go to hell.
    Best regards
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    Hi I thought that I would just give it a try to see if I experienced any problem replying to a question. Everything is working as it should when posting this reply.