Can you remove/turn off/disable Mapshare & any Mapshare updated restrictions from the device?

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Since the last map update, I'm constantly getting re-routed to avoid restrictions &/or incidents that are not or no longer there!

It's making the device practically unusable as I drive all over the country & can't be constantly making detours unless there's a genuine reason.

I've looked (and posted) in the Maps section, but the only reply you seem to get is to "report it using the Mapshare tool" This is not an acceptable solution as there are too many.

Is there a way to disable and/or remove the Mapshare info from my device at least until this problem is fixed?


TomTom Go Pro 620
Application version: 21.200.0003.411 (0) (09/11/2021)
Installed Maps: Europe TRUCK v1080.11163 (released 10/2021)


  • Willy875
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    I do not think it is your device which communicates the wrong information it is more the Tomtom traffic servers which signal this error to all connected users.