TomTom Go for iOS will not play any audio messages when connected via bluetooth to the car audio

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Hi everybody,

I am totally new to the forum and to the TomTom products. I have just downloaded the TomTom Go for iOS. I have an iPhone 13 Pro. The phone usually connects easily to the car audio system installation but in case of TomTom Go there will be no audio messages played via the car audio. The app remains totally mute and this makes me a bit crazy. Any other non-TomTom apps that I have on the iPhone they have no audio problems.

I don't use the cable and CarPlay - I prefer going wireless (Bluetooth)

Any solution?

Best regards



  • lampard
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    Hi @TMichalak

    Welcome to the Community! On the Main Menu screen, the below button shows that you can hear voice instructions. Do you have that enabled?
    (Please use the physical volume buttons during a voice instruction to increase the volume on the App)

    Best, lampard