TomTom GO Navigation app -Zoom level too high (Android Auto)

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I'm using TomTom Go a lot with Android Auto, but the zoom level annoys me.
The map is way too much zoomed in when driving at "high" speeds.

Of course when i must make a turn it nice that the map is zoomed in, but when I'm driving at a road for 50KM with a speed of 80KM/h it would be nice to zoom out so i can see where I'm heading and what is around me.

Can this be implemented?

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  • wildrice
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    I agree.

    One of the features I miss the most about my Garmin Nuvi is they have a zoom feature that zooms you all the way out until the next turn, and it slowly zooms in as you drive.

    I like that style of zoom because it shows you how long you have to go until you need to worry about the next turn. Their zoom does that at any speed, any road type, even if it's 500 miles away... Not one Android Auto nav app does that. Genius Maps does it based on speed (you have to be above 45 to zoom out and even at 65 you don't get the next turn if it's far away), and TomTom Go only does the full route in 2D North up.

    If they'd implement a similar zoom I'd use 2D/3D but I always am in 2D North up blowing past my turns.........
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    Thanks, @rubenverhoef & @wildrice for your feedbacks! I'll send them to my team as improvement requests.

    Best, lampard

  • wildrice
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    Man you guys keep making the zoom worse and worse!

    Can it just be a check-box setting to zoom all the way out to the next turn? Now the North UP doesn't zoom at all and it's so far zoomed out it's unusable.

    I'm about to go back to suction cups on the windshield, but at least my Garmin shows me what I need without having to read anything.