Device stuck in boot loop when plugged into charger, PC or car mount

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Hi tomtom experts!

I have never been able to get this Go 1000 (fiat) device to operate. As soon as it's plugged into power it cycles through the boot loop.

If left to charge, it will power on, and load a map and seems to function, however, as soon as it's plugged in the boot sequence starts and there seems to be a 'click' each time it cycles thorugh the drums, the black diagnostic screen and then 'click' back to the start.

If I enter the reset mode it gets to the spinning gears, windows just sees it in the device manager and then it clicks off again and reboots.

Tomtom said they would push an update to it, then 2nd line support changed their mind and then decided it was not repairable and that I should buy a new unit.

It seems like there should be a solution to this but perhaps it really is just a DOA and should be consigned to the tomtom trash??

Any ideas?


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    hardware failure may be
  • Abarthistu
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    Thanks rider. I will guess that's pretty terminal then, any other diagnostic tests or ideas?